WANTED: Bowlers!

WANTED: Friends of Haven Acres (volunteers, cheerleaders, neighbors, or participants alike)!

Bowling for Bucks is one of our biggest fundraisers, raising over $5,000 each year! It’s also a valuable way for us to get the word out about Haven Acres as the bowlers will be talking to people that don’t usually hear about Haven Acres. Your support allows kids to come out to Haven Acres for the summer free of charge!

This year we will be hosting Bowling for Bucks at Bowlero in Lakeville on April 26th and our goal is to raise $10,000!! Will you consider being a part of this?

Before the event, supporters of Haven Acres get to ask their friends and family to sponsor them in their round of bowling. Sponsors can choose to pledge a flat amount or pledge an amount per point. Then we bowl! Pizza and pop are provided for the bowlers and we usually bowl 3 rounds together. We have forms that you can record your pledge amounts on as well!

A few things:
1. We ask bowlers to set a goal for at least $250.
2. ANYONE can bowl, we just ask that kids under 13 be with an adult.
3. Bowlers are responsible for the cost of their bowling and shoes.

Please let us know by April 19th if you’re going to join us!

Four More Days Left to Register!

Just four more days left to register for the summer program! Applications received before 11:59pm on April 1st will be drawn from for the summer mentorship program and anyone who is not drawn or applies after April 1st will be added to the wait list. For more info, please visit http://havenacresmn.org/registration/

New Additions!!

Meet Maximus, Zacchaeus, and Cody!

Maximus and Zacchaeus were both donated to us from Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch! Maximus is a Percheron gelding who has a bad injury to his leg in the fall but he’s making a great recovery and we’re so excited to have our first draft! Zacchaeus is a mini mule (or our wee little mule) who was completely wild in the fall and has now gotten to the point where he’s a little halter broke. We’re excited to have him and work with him so that he can get loved on by some adoring kids!

And then we have Cody! Jenifer’s mom sponsored Cowboy for the last several years, and she wanted to make sure that we continue to have a Paint at Haven Acres. So in honor of Cowboy, the Garrets purchased Cody for our program. He is rather nervous right now, but we are hoping that he settles in and loves his new job. Please pray for him as he is somewhat sore right now and is in serious need of some hoof care. We’re hoping that it is not a long-term problem.

So grateful for some special blessings this year after some really hard days this winter!

Winter Fundraiser Results!

We are so blown away by your generosity and God’s goodness! With another $1000 donation received yesterday, we soared past our goal and reached $4480!

This comes at such an important time as our 4-wheeler and bobcat have broken down in the last few weeks in addition to all of our normal every day expenses. I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to resurrect the 4-wheeler anymore. We may have to retire it. If any of you have any leads on a 4×4 ATV that is in good working condition, please message us since having this particular piece of equipment is crucial to us being able to keep up with the workload outside.

Please know that we are SO VERY GRATEFUL for all of the support and love we’ve received from so many of you!

Winter Fundraiser and Update

Hey there, friends of Haven Acres!

In winter we sometimes start feeling disconnected from the supporters and friends of Haven Acres. Since we have had some unexpected costs arise in the last few weeks, we thought it would be prudent to send out an update and give folks an opportunity to once again partner with us.

As many of you know, Cowboy got very sick and had to be put down last weekend. The cost of this particular incident was about $500. In addition, hay prices for the rest of the winter are going to be higher than usual due to a hay shortage in Minnesota. In the off season, we still have to pay for hoof trims and shoes, medications, spring vaccinations, insurance, and salary for the Assistant Director. To finish out the winter season strong, we are praying for an additional $4,000 to be raised over and above the usual monthly donations we receive. Please prayerfully consider supporting us financially this winter! We are asking for donations to be made by March 9, 2019 through check or PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr…). These methods of giving are received by Haven Acres immediately, whereas, if people give through Facebook or another means, the funds do not reach us for weeks. For more information on donating please visit http://havenacresmn.org/donate/.

By way of update…

This spring we will be beginning six weeks of training for all the mentors at Haven Acres. We go over the basics of horsemanship and horse safety, our policies and procedures, and theology. We try to do our very best to train mentors who will be bright lights of God’s truth and grace in these children’s and teens’ lives. We also give the horses “refreshers” in the spring to get them ready for sessions.

Then this summer we will begin our regular mentorship sessions on June 3rd. We will be seeing around 50 children and teens each week free of charge who will get the opportunity to meet with the same mentor and horse weekly all summer. We work on creating a work-ethic through regular ranch chores, building their confidence through interacting with a horse, and gaining a strong sense of support and belonging through a relationship with their mentor. We believe that each participant is incredibly valuable and worth every minute and penny that is volunteered and given.

We are also excited to revamp our STABLE program this summer! Our STABLE program stands for Spiritual Training and Biblical Leadership Enhancement. We spend the summer training older teens and young adults in horsemanship, leadership, and Biblical truth. The goal of this program is to strengthen the ministry through the graduate’s future service at Haven Acres.

Come fall we are excited to begin reaching out into the community more by offering some small group sessions and field trips. We already have an event planned with Minnesota Hands and Voices, a local organization that serves families with deaf children. Additionally, we are hoping to collaborate with some other group homes, schools, and organizations that work with youth in order to expand our outreach.

Thank you so much to everyone who supports Haven Acres through service and donations. This is a big endeavor, to reach into the lives of these kids and teens, and it takes many hands! God is so good to us every year to provide all the people and funds that we need, and we are so grateful for those of you who are willing to be a part of that.

One Amazing Horse

Words cannot adequately describe the loss of this amazing gelding! Cowboy was donated to Haven Acres in October of 2013 and has been an invaluable part of our program ever since. We have had many horses come and go, but it is rare that you ever find a horse like Cowboy… a horse that is so responsive, listening to your every cue, so patient, gentle, and respectful, a horse that wants to work each and every time you call on him.

Many of you know that Cowboy had come down with a virus shortly after Christmas, and he had managed to beat that and was finally back out with the herd. When we brought him in for his grain yesterday morning, he seemed fine at first, but when we went back to see if he was finished, we found that he had not eaten his grain and was laying down in his stall looking very uncomfortable. Colic is a dreaded word when it comes to horses. We don’t know what happened or why, but for some reason, he had a bowel blockage or a twisted intestine. The vet was called immediately, and we managed his pain as best as we could. Today, however, he worsened. The difficult decision was made to have the vet put him down since he was in so much distress.

The pain of losing Cowboy is real for so many, but we will hold tightly to the MANY wonderful memories we each have in our hearts. Cowboy, thank you for giving it EVERYTHING you had at Haven Acres! You brightened countless days, and we’ll always be grateful!

Special thanks to Clyde and Sue Johnson for donating this amazing horse to Haven Acres… certainly one of the very best gifts we’ve ever received!

Registration is Open!

The Haven Acres registration process is changing this year! This is how it will work… Parents will no longer need to call in to reserve a spot for their child (ren) on a specified date and time. In order to give everyone equal opportunity, please register your child (ren) on the registration page. To qualify, registrants must be ages 9-17 by June 3, 2019. Applications must be received by 11:59pm on April 1, 2019. The following day, we will randomly draw names (keeping families together) to determine which kids will be awarded the 40 available spots in the mentorship program. We will accept an additional 8 participants into the Deaf program. Calling in or registering earlier will not increase your odds of your child being in the program—as long as the applications are received by April 1st then your child will have the same opportunity as everyone else.

That means that registration is now open! Just make sure that you send in an application for your child before April 1st.

For more information please visit the registration page.

Giving Tuesday Results!

Thank you all SO MUCH!!! We raised a total of $3,995 yesterday for Giving Tuesday! That covers about a month of our costs! Wow! Thank you all so much for supporting us in this way. It’s a huge blessing from God.

Announcing the Midwest Bounty Round-Up

Haven Acres is excited to announce the Midwest Bounty Round-Up! It will be a weekend conference to encourage, empower, and equip you for faith-based equine ministry. We are co-hosting this event in March with three other Similar Ministries in Minnesota. We are thrilled to be joined by Troy Meeder as Keynote Speaker. Troy is the Co-Founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, the ranch where God started it all! Anyone is invited to this event, but early bird registration is due December 31st. Spots are limited for overnight guests, so make sure you register soon. We hope you join us!

Click here for more information or to register.

Best Round Up Ever!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Round Up! And thank you to everyone who served and donated! This was our best year ever. For the first time ever, we had no overhead cost at all this year because of so many people donating and helping in various ways! We raised just over $4,000 and had about 300 people in attendance.

All of the participants who had come during the summer were able to ride their horse in one of our events to show off their skills to their family and friends. Our events this year were an obstacle course, red light green light, a pumpkin ring toss, and egg ‘n spoon. Everything went well and the kids had a lot of fun at their last hurrah of the season!

This year we were able to add carnival games which created more fun for the whole family. We also had a mini horse “garage sale” with used horse figurines, toys, and books for the families to purchase, which was really fun to have! Along with those new additions we had the regular silent auction (thanks to SO many donors), food (also generously made and donated), and more.

Thank you SO much to everyone who made this possible! Summer volunteers, volunteers for the event, and those of you who went out and got items for the Round Up. We are so appreciative and never could have done it without you!