Registration is Open!

The Haven Acres registration process is changing this year! This is how it will work… Parents will no longer need to call in to reserve a spot for their child (ren) on a specified date and time. In order to give everyone equal opportunity, please register your child (ren) on the registration page. To qualify, registrants must be ages 9-17 by June 3, 2019. Applications must be received by 11:59pm on April 1, 2019. The following day, we will randomly draw names (keeping families together) to determine which kids will be awarded the 40 available spots in the mentorship program. We will accept an additional 8 participants into the Deaf program. Calling in or registering earlier will not increase your odds of your child being in the program—as long as the applications are received by April 1st then your child will have the same opportunity as everyone else.

That means that registration is now open! Just make sure that you send in an application for your child before April 1st.

For more information please visit the registration page.

Giving Tuesday Results!

Thank you all SO MUCH!!! We raised a total of $3,995 yesterday for Giving Tuesday! That covers about a month of our costs! Wow! Thank you all so much for supporting us in this way. It’s a huge blessing from God.

Announcing the Midwest Bounty Round-Up

Haven Acres is excited to announce the Midwest Bounty Round-Up! It will be a weekend conference to encourage, empower, and equip you for faith-based equine ministry. We are co-hosting this event in March with three other Similar Ministries in Minnesota. We are thrilled to be joined by Troy Meeder as Keynote Speaker. Troy is the Co-Founder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, the ranch where God started it all! Anyone is invited to this event, but early bird registration is due December 31st. Spots are limited for overnight guests, so make sure you register soon. We hope you join us!

Click here for more information or to register.

Best Round Up Ever!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Round Up! And thank you to everyone who served and donated! This was our best year ever. For the first time ever, we had no overhead cost at all this year because of so many people donating and helping in various ways! We raised just over $4,000 and had about 300 people in attendance.

All of the participants who had come during the summer were able to ride their horse in one of our events to show off their skills to their family and friends. Our events this year were an obstacle course, red light green light, a pumpkin ring toss, and egg ‘n spoon. Everything went well and the kids had a lot of fun at their last hurrah of the season!

This year we were able to add carnival games which created more fun for the whole family. We also had a mini horse “garage sale” with used horse figurines, toys, and books for the families to purchase, which was really fun to have! Along with those new additions we had the regular silent auction (thanks to SO many donors), food (also generously made and donated), and more.

Thank you SO much to everyone who made this possible! Summer volunteers, volunteers for the event, and those of you who went out and got items for the Round Up. We are so appreciative and never could have done it without you!

Received “Guardian” Status Through the Equus Foundation!

After many hours of work and research, we are very excited to announce that Haven Acres has received the Guardian Designation from the Equus Foundation!

The Equus Foundation says that “Guardians are organizations on the Equine Welfare Network that demonstrate a commitment to public transparency by their willingness to publish and share extensive data about their programs, horse care practices, and governance.” In order to qualify, we had to revise and write (many) policies, post emergency preparedness signage, and fill out pages of information on how we care for our horses.

We’re so thankful for this opportunity as it opens up doors for potential funding in the future!

Wanted: Summer Volunteers

We are still looking for 10-15 more solid, Christian men and women to volunteer for the summer at Haven Acres. A heart for God and a love for kids is a must. No horsemanship experience necessary. Commitment would involve weekly training in April and May as well as a 2-4 hour/week commitment one day a week in the summer and/or fall months. We need volunteers by April 9th as that is when training begins. For more info, please visit

Saying Goodbye

It’s been a tough week. Fix was injured a week ago, a puncture wound that apparently went all the way to the shoulder joint. We have no idea how it happened. We’ve checked the fenceline and everything in their paddock, and we cannot find a source for the injury. These things just happen sometimes.  After several days of antibiotics and pain medications and cleaning the wound, he was still not improving, so the vet came back out and performed an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed that Fix had infection in the joint, and there wasn’t anything really to be done for it on the farm.  Taking him elsewhere for a procedure would have not only been extremely costly but also very painful for him to travel.  We allowed several more days for the antibiotics to work, but we didn’t see any improvement.

Yesterday we let Fix out of his stall to eat and stretch his legs, and he slowly wandered down to the gate of the paddock where he used to stay.  He started pushing on the gate with his nose, clearly letting us know that he wanted to go in and hang out with his friends.  Though it was very taxing for him to walk on three legs, he went out to graze with his buddies.  After a while, he laid down because he was in so much pain.  After several hours, he was still not getting up, so the vet instructed me to administer another dose of pain medication.  After 4 or 5 hours, he finally got up, but by that time the sun was not shining, and he was wet and shivering from laying in the snow. Although he was standing, he was in a great deal of pain to walk, and we had quite a ways to go to get back to the barn.  I haltered him and  urged him forward. He took several painful steps by sitting back on his haunches and hopping forward on his good leg. Then he stopped to rest. I patted his neck and face and encouraged him to take some more steps. I pulled on the lead rope gently at first and then with more and more force, but he would not move. The pain was too great. Tears began rolling down my face as I begged him to take a few more steps toward the warmth and comfort of the barn. Still no progress. He just couldn’t get up the strength to take another step.

Then something amazing happened. Solomon, a big bay 10 year old rescued race horse, came over to help. He sniffed Fix and realizing that there was a problem started to gently nudge Fix’s hind end with his nose. Fix came forward another couple of steps. We rested for a few minutes. As I started tugging on the lead rope again to no avail, Solomon reapplied light pressure from behind with his nose. This happened two or three more times, Solomon offering the support and encouragement needed until we were through the gate and up by the barn. We were able to get his blanket on him and give him a warm mash with apples and carrots and put him in his stall for the night.

I will always have a special appreciation in my heart for Solomon, for his persistent but gentle assistance. He demonstrated such love and concern when his friend was in need. I wonder if we do that for each other?

The incredibly difficult decision was made to have Fix put down. This morning Fix breathed his last breath. We cried with him and thanked him repeatedly for his amazing service to all of us at Haven Acres.  He knew he was dearly loved here, and he served out his days well, always with a willing, patient, and gentle spirit.  Many people were greatly impacted by him, and we will be forever thankful for the time we had him at Haven Acres. He will always live on in our hearts.

“A friend loves at all times.” –Proverbs 17:17

Fundraiser for Jubilee and Liberty

Meet Jubilee and Liberty!

We are thrilled at the privilege of rescuing these two chestnut fillies! Due to their start in life, they have never received any kind of medical attention and care. Because of this, they have high medical bills and have already needed almost $1,000 in medical costs alone.

We need supporters to contribute another $4,000 for their care and training. They will need more vet visits to finish all their shots, deworming, bloodwork, and even ultrasounds! Liberty and Jubilee both have a possibility of being pregnant, which could also add future medical costs. We also anticipate needing additional fencing and shelter for them and their possible babies.

We are asking for people who would like to have a part in Jubilee and Liberty’s stories of healing to offer support in a financial way. Whether $5 or $500, a donation of any size will be gratefully used! Please consider helping us rehabilitate these two lovely girls to a life full of purpose, joy, and hope. God created these two little horses and He is weaving a story through them that can teach us all about the restoration and healing He can provide.


We are running a fundraiser through Facebook since Facebook does not charge fees for non-profit fundraisers through their platform. Find our fundraising page on Facebook here.

If you would like to donate via PayPal, click this link.

We understand that some people would prefer not to donate online, so feel free to write out a check to Haven Acres and send it to 2820 245th St E, Hampton, MN 55031.

Look for Jubilee and Liberty’s rescue story in the upcoming newsletter, and make sure to follow their continuing story on Facebook!

For more information about Jubilee and Liberty, click here.

Raised $263 through Picaboo Christmas Cards!

We raised $263 dollars through the Picaboo Cards-for-Causes fundraiser!

Thanks so much to everyone who ordered Christmas cards!

This extra funding came just in time to help us pay for extra medical expenses for a wound our horse Fix got just last Thursday. He looks like he got kicked in his shoulder, resulting in an open wound and a terrible limp. The biggest worry has been that he cannot put any weight on that leg. He can hobble around, but he will only touch that toe to the ground once in a while. He is on stall rest, pain medication, and we are still trying to figure out what is wrong. It looks like he might have an injured nerve, which he can recover from with months of rest.

So thanks a million to those who supported Haven Acres in this way!

Please be praying for Fix, that we can figure out what is wrong and have wisdom about how to help him best. He is one of our sweetest, most reliable horses, and we all love him very much.

Introducing Jubilee and Liberty!

Meet Jubilee and Liberty! These two sweet girls were rescued by Haven Acres this past Sunday. They are around three years old and have never been handled. They both have lice, worms, have never had any foot care, and need a pregnancy test since they were pastured with a stud.

Jubilee is a chestnut Quarter Horse/Arabian cross (Quarab) with a teeny white star on her forehead. She has a calmer personality of the two, and while she is scared, we have at least been able to touch her a couple times.

Liberty is also a chestnut Quarab but with a white stripe down her face. She has a more “sensitive” personality, which means that she is more easily scared, and so far does not trust enough to let anyone touch her. She also seems to be more responsive and respectful.

We are looking for people to sponsor these two special fillies! Because of their condition, they need extra vet attention and care. Horse sponsorships are necessary as we seek to care for these special animals at Haven Acres. A monthly horse sponsorship covers the horses’ feed and medical costs as well as offering them a secure, peaceful, and loving family. Please consider joining us on this venture with our two newest members of the herd! For more info, visit our donate page.

Pray that these girls find peace at Haven Acres and that we will be able to train them well!