GivingTuesday Results

We are so grateful to everyone who donated to Haven Acres on GivingTuesday! A total of $3,150 was raised! This helps us so much going into winter to pay for hay, vet bills, admin costs, and all the other things we have to do to make summer sessions possible. We appreciate you all so much! Thank you again!!

GivingTuesday is TODAY!

GivingTuesday is TODAY! And Facebook is matching donations again this year! Our goal is to raise $6,000 to help cover our winter costs this year. Regardless of your means, your location, or your time constraints, GivingTuesday is a day where anyone can make a difference in the life of our youth. Every child, teenager, family, and horse who comes to Haven Acres is welcomed free of charge, and we rely 100% on our donors to make it possible for us to offer a safe place for them. Even though we don’t have regular programming during the winter season we still have animals to feed, office work to be done, and other ministry needs to fulfill. This is a time of strengthening for our summer season to be successful and we need donors who believe in what we’re doing to help us accomplish that!

Visit to donate to our Facebook fundraiser! Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit. Donations can also be made by check, PayPal, or GuideStar if you visit!

Bowling for Bucks Results

Ten bowlers played 3 games, got 57 sponsors, and raised $8,622! It was a fun night of fellowship, pizza, and bowling. We are so grateful for the bowlers who were brave enough to ask family and friends for support and for the donors who generously gave to support the Haven Acres ministry!

Sweatshirts Available!

Haven Acres offers all of our programs and services free of charge because we believe in offering help to anyone who needs it, not just to those who can afford it. This is a big commitment to uphold that requires a lot of help from the community! If you would like to help support our mission to demonstrate God’s love by serving youth and their families through mentorship and rescuing animals, this is one of the ways you can do that!

Even though the regular programming season is coming to a close, there’s still costs and ministry happening at the ranch. With COVID this year we were unable to run a couple of our usual fundraisers, so this fundraiser could help substantially! Besides helping with our regular programming, your support will allow us to provide a safe home for our rescued and donated horses year-round, run the administrative side of the ministry, train in volunteers, occasionally host especially at-risk youth during the colder months, allow groups of teens in day-treatment to come out, and more. This is a big mission that can’t do without help!

Many people ask for Haven Acres sweatshirts each year and this is the only time that we have them available each year! So if you or someone you know would like to get one, this is your chance! We do not keep extras on hand.

Here’s the link:

Thank you for supporting our youth, families, and horses in this way!!

Looking for Bowlers for 10/30

We sure are having a beautiful fall this year! As we approach winter, we are rolling out a couple of fundraisers to help support Haven Acres in the off season.

First, we are finally able to hold our Bowling for Bucks fundraiser on October 30th this year! We’d love to have a lot of you participate!

Bowling for Bucks is a fundraiser we usually have in the spring every year but due to COVID we were unable to run it as usual this year. With bowling alleys opening with sanitation precautions and social distancing in mind, we are excited to be able to host it this fall! Since we haven’t been able to do some of our usual fundraisers this year, this event will help substantially with all the costs of running Haven Acres during the winter months. This fundraiser usually raises about $8,000 dollars. We’d love it if we could hit the $10,000 mark this year, and we believe we can with your help!

Anyone who would like to participate must first come up with a goal in mind of how much they would like to raise. We ask everyone to raise a minimum of $250 dollars. Then each person will ask for sponsors for their bowling games in person, over the phone, or any other way you can think to! Sponsors can either give a flat donation or pledge to donate a certain amount per point. We realize there is less than two weeks, so we need some adults and teens to commit to going out and getting pledges/ sponsors ASAP. Please shoot us an email at if you intend to bowl (obtain pledges) so that we have a number in mind as we reserve the bowling lanes. The event usually runs from 6-8pm. We will let you know if anything changes once we solidify details with Bowlero in Lakeville.

By the way, Haven Acres usually provides pizza and pop for anyone bowling in the fundraiser, but we’ll have to see with COVID requirements if we’ll be able to do that this year. The participants will pay for their own bowling games and shoe rental. Usually everyone bowls 2-3 games.

We will also be posting our sweatshirt fundraiser soon, so keep your eyes open for that!

Round-Up TODAY!

The link for the Round-Up video on YouTube is here!

We are grateful for the opportunity to reach a broader audience of people who might not have otherwise been able to attend this year’s Round-Up. We will be showcasing our students and their horses, telling stories from the ranch, and hosting a virtual silent auction!

Each student will have the opportunity to ride in an event with the horse that they have worked with during the summer. Some will show their skills in an obstacle course while others will get to play in a game like Water Wars. Whatever the challenge, it’s only possible through the relationship that these kids and teens have built with their horses!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Brittany Toth for spending countless hours on this video!!! Check out her website at!

New Barn Construction!

Construction of our new barn is underway!! It has been our dream for years to have a place for equipment and hay storage, a meeting space, and an office. Now in our seventh year we are getting to see that dream come to life!

While our original barn has stalls and a small indoor riding space, the riding space has been taken up with equipment storage and hay. This new barn is the same size as our original but we will be able to put the equipment and hay in there, allowing us to open up our indoor riding arena in the first barn. Hay storage is especially important for us now as we have started leasing our own hay field and are blessed to be getting large harvests of hay. So our horses will still be spending the night in our original barn when the weather is bad, no one is moving to the new barn as far as our herd goes, but it will just be more opened up to be used for them like it was originally intended!

The meeting space and office will also be a huge blessing! Up until now we have been using the Heaths’ house and it would be really nice to let them have their house for just their family. Each day that we have sessions the volunteers gather to have devotions, debrief about the day, and pray for our students, and now we will be able to do that in the new barn. The new office also means we will have all our files in one place, in real file cabinets, and we will be able to have a table or desks specifically for working at rather than using the Heaths’ dining room! The meeting space will also have a kitchenette, handicap accessible bathroom, shower, and locker room.

We are so grateful for this amazing gift from God and so grateful for the people who have donated their time and money to make this a reality! We can’t wait to show it off when it’s all done!

Round-Up 2020

The Round-Up is going virtual!! Head over to the Round-Up page to get the link and more info about our online event on September 12th!

Important Update

Good afternoon from Haven Acres, everyone!

We realize that all of our volunteers and participant families are eager to know what we are doing this year for Haven Acres with the unexpected issue of a worldwide pandemic going on. We will be attempting to personally call and visit with each one of you individually, but for now a mass email will have to suffice in order to get the information out to everyone as quickly as possible.

We have spent time in prayer, have met with our Haven Acres Board of Directors, have taken into consideration Jenifer’s nursing knowledge and experience, have consulted with quite a few other similar ministry ranches, and have reviewed the governor’s guidelines for outdoor recreational facilities prior to making our decision.

We understand that Haven Acres is an exciting and important part of your summer plans, and we truly are privileged to be able to provide this service. With that being said, however, it is our top priority to protect the safety and well-being of every person that steps foot on our property. Not only are we dealing with a very contagious virus situation, we are also just beginning a building expansion and arena expansion project at Haven Acres which creates a safety risk for visitors. In regard to COVID-19, disinfecting the ranch is next to impossible and social distancing is not compatible with safety around horses, therefore, Haven Acres will NOT be opening one-on-one sessions June 8th. The Board of Directors unanimously agrees that we should not host traditional sessions for at least the first 6 weeks. The week of July 20th is the halfway point of the summer, so we will reevaluate the situation near the beginning of July and will update everyone as decisions are made.

Though we know this is very discouraging news, we are earnestly trying to figure out some ways we can reach out to each of our participants and volunteers in the coming weeks. We are considering some virtual horsey visits, “drive-by” visits, or weekly Facebook Live updates of the ranch. We will be sure to contact participants and volunteers and when activities are being offered. We hope you understand that it is our hope to resume programming as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye out on Facebook, Instagram, and our website for updates. Also, we are asking whomever is able to donate one can of Lysol spray or disinfectant wipes to the ranch to help supply us with the necessary tools when we are able to reopen. If each one donates one, we should have enough, but we currently are unable to purchase these items in the quantity needed. If you’d like to donate, feel free to drive up and leave it on our front porch. (2820 245th St E Hampton, MN 55031)

Finally, be on the look-out for the Spring newsletter. It is due to arrive in your mailboxes in the next 2 weeks. There’s an exciting story in there about a God sized blessing to Haven Acres! You’ll want to hear about it!

Thank you all for your patience! We hope to be in touch soon!

COVID-19 Update

Good afternoon from Haven Acres!

These sure are crazy times we’re living in. Jason and Jenifer have made the very difficult decision in light of the CDCs recommendations during this pandemic to close the ranch to all volunteers and visitors until further notice. We are so sad to do this, but we must try to do our part to limit exposure and spread of the virus. We will try our best to keep in touch with all of you regarding upcoming training and session dates as all of that will definitely be affected.

Please join us in praying for our community during this time and for us to have wisdom as to how we can possibly help other ranches that are struggling.

Our hope and our trust will always remain in the One who holds the world together.

Miss you all! Stay safe and healthy!