A Global Generosity Movement

Giving Tuesday is this Tuesday and we could use your help! If Haven Acres has impacted you or your family there’s a couple things you could do to help.

First, you could post a picture at Haven Acres on social media and tag our Facebook page and #GivingTuesday. Explain how Haven Acres has impacted you or your family, and ask people to consider donating on Giving Tuesday.

Second, you could create your own fundraiser! Raise support from your friends and family who may have never heard about Haven Acres before. This has been a SUPER helpful way to gain support for #GivingTuesday in the past. If you could help in this way, create your own fundraiser through this link: https://www.facebook.com/fund/havenacresmn/.

Thank you all for your support of Haven Acres! We’re so excited to serve you all again next year!

Three New Additions

Within the last month we have added three new horses to our herd! While we weren’t expecting to add three new horses all at once this fall, we know God uses all things for the good of those who love Him, and we’re really excited for the opportunity to have these horses added to our family.

Journey was the unexpected third horse this fall. He was in a situation where he was getting insufficient food, vet, and farrier care and the vet who knew him was worried he wouldn’t make it through the winter where he was. His owner was willing to surrender him and we were asked if we could give him a home and fatten him up for the harsh winter. We felt impressed to bring Journey home and rehabilitate him for use with the kids next summer. Journey is an almost all white appaloosa gelding in his later years. He had already gained some weight at his half-way home but when he got to us he still needed an extra hundred pounds. Since he’s an appaloosa he has sensitive pink skin around his eyes and nose that had been majorly sunburned, resulting in scabs, swelling, skin cancer, and possible sight-impairment. We’re monitoring these as well as the possibility that he might have Cushing’s Disease, which requires daily medications to keep under control.

Ransom and Smokey are two full brothers who were lovingly donated by the Clyd and Sue Johnson who also donated Cowboy, Shzar, and Sundance in previous years. These are two beautiful Quarter/Morgan cross geldings who have done family trail rides all their lives and are ready to keep working for some more years yet. Ransom has Cushing’s Disease but that will soon be under control with his meds! We are so grateful for these boys!

Journey and Smokey have already obtained sponsors! Ransom still needs a monthly sponsor to cover his basic needs, and you can find out more by contacting us or by visiting this page.

We’ll be posting about them periodically on social media if you would like to stay updated on their progress.


Journey’s Eye


Ransom and Holly