New Barn Construction!

Construction of our new barn is underway!! It has been our dream for years to have a place for equipment and hay storage, a meeting space, and an office. Now in our seventh year we are getting to see that dream come to life!

While our original barn has stalls and a small indoor riding space, the riding space has been taken up with equipment storage and hay. This new barn is the same size as our original but we will be able to put the equipment and hay in there, allowing us to open up our indoor riding arena in the first barn. Hay storage is especially important for us now as we have started leasing our own hay field and are blessed to be getting large harvests of hay. So our horses will still be spending the night in our original barn when the weather is bad, no one is moving to the new barn as far as our herd goes, but it will just be more opened up to be used for them like it was originally intended!

The meeting space and office will also be a huge blessing! Up until now we have been using the Heaths’ house and it would be really nice to let them have their house for just their family. Each day that we have sessions the volunteers gather to have devotions, debrief about the day, and pray for our students, and now we will be able to do that in the new barn. The new office also means we will have all our files in one place, in real file cabinets, and we will be able to have a table or desks specifically for working at rather than using the Heaths’ dining room! The meeting space will also have a kitchenette, handicap accessible bathroom, shower, and locker room.

We are so grateful for this amazing gift from God and so grateful for the people who have donated their time and money to make this a reality! We can’t wait to show it off when it’s all done!