Raised $263 through Picaboo Christmas Cards!

We raised $263 dollars through the Picaboo Cards-for-Causes fundraiser!

Thanks so much to everyone who ordered Christmas cards!

This extra funding came just in time to help us pay for extra medical expenses for a wound our horse Fix got just last Thursday. He looks like he got kicked in his shoulder, resulting in an open wound and a terrible limp. The biggest worry has been that he cannot put any weight on that leg. He can hobble around, but he will only touch that toe to the ground once in a while. He is on stall rest, pain medication, and we are still trying to figure out what is wrong. It looks like he might have an injured nerve, which he can recover from with months of rest.

So thanks a million to those who supported Haven Acres in this way!

Please be praying for Fix, that we can figure out what is wrong and have wisdom about how to help him best. He is one of our sweetest, most reliable horses, and we all love him very much.