Introducing Jubilee and Liberty!

Meet Jubilee and Liberty! These two sweet girls were rescued by Haven Acres this past Sunday. They are around three years old and have never been handled. They both have lice, worms, have never had any foot care, and need a pregnancy test since they were pastured with a stud.

Jubilee is a chestnut Quarter Horse/Arabian cross (Quarab) with a teeny white star on her forehead. She has a calmer personality of the two, and while she is scared, we have at least been able to touch her a couple times.

Liberty is also a chestnut Quarab but with a white stripe down her face. She has a more “sensitive” personality, which means that she is more easily scared, and so far does not trust enough to let anyone touch her. She also seems to be more responsive and respectful.

We are looking for people to sponsor these two special fillies! Because of their condition, they need extra vet attention and care. Horse sponsorships are necessary as we seek to care for these special animals at Haven Acres. A monthly horse sponsorship covers the horses’ feed and medical costs as well as offering them a secure, peaceful, and loving family. Please consider joining us on this venture with our two newest members of the herd! For more info, visit our donate page.

Pray that these girls find peace at Haven Acres and that we will be able to train them well!