Warm Weather Apparel!

For two weeks only we are running our fall apparel fundraiser! And for the first time ever we are offering flannels and jackets!

You can see our flannels and jackets here: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/haven-acres-flannel-and-jacket-fall-fundraiser-21

(The flannels and jackets have an embroidered Haven Acres logo on the front but no design on the back.)

And our sweatshirts and long-sleeve t-shirt are here: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/haven-acres-sweatshirt-fundraiser-21

(The sweatshirts and long-sleeve have our logo on the front and the Nehemiah design on the back.)

There are multiple colors for each item and there’s kids sizes in most of the sweatshirt options.

Order before December 20th if you would like to get them!

The way that CustomInk sets up their fundraisers required us to split it up into two different fundraisers to be able to offer the jackets and flannels, so if you order from both unfortunately you won’t be able to combine the shipping.

Unfortunately these will not be shipped in time for Christmas. We’re really sorry about this, but we were having issues with getting this fundraiser up and running this year.

We will not be ordering any extras of these, so if you would like one, this is your chance 🙂