One Amazing Horse

Words cannot adequately describe the loss of this amazing gelding! Cowboy was donated to Haven Acres in October of 2013 and has been an invaluable part of our program ever since. We have had many horses come and go, but it is rare that you ever find a horse like Cowboy… a horse that is so responsive, listening to your every cue, so patient, gentle, and respectful, a horse that wants to work each and every time you call on him.

Many of you know that Cowboy had come down with a virus shortly after Christmas, and he had managed to beat that and was finally back out with the herd. When we brought him in for his grain yesterday morning, he seemed fine at first, but when we went back to see if he was finished, we found that he had not eaten his grain and was laying down in his stall looking very uncomfortable. Colic is a dreaded word when it comes to horses. We don’t know what happened or why, but for some reason, he had a bowel blockage or a twisted intestine. The vet was called immediately, and we managed his pain as best as we could. Today, however, he worsened. The difficult decision was made to have the vet put him down since he was in so much distress.

The pain of losing Cowboy is real for so many, but we will hold tightly to the MANY wonderful memories we each have in our hearts. Cowboy, thank you for giving it EVERYTHING you had at Haven Acres! You brightened countless days, and we’ll always be grateful!

Special thanks to Clyde and Sue Johnson for donating this amazing horse to Haven Acres… certainly one of the very best gifts we’ve ever received!