New Shelter from the Minnesota Horse Council!

We are so grateful to the Minnesota Horse Council for providing the funding for us to build a new horse shelter for one of our horse paddocks. Though we have 9 stalls in the barn, three of them are makeshift stalls which were originally used for hay storage. As a result of the lost space for hay, we are currently storing hay in the indoor arena. The additional horse shelter frees up space in the barn which enlarges the riding arena space, allowing more sessions to be held in the off season as well as providing more freedom to begin conditioning horses for the upcoming season.

In addition, this horse shelter will save time and money. For example, it reduces the need to purchase stall bedding and frees up time for the staff and volunteers. Time that would be spent cleaning stalls, filling hay bags, and bringing horses in and out of the barn will be spent on more worthwhile things that help the kids and animals we serve.

Lastly, most of the horses prefer to remain outside with the herd. Having another shelter gives the horses the option of remaining with the herd and yet gets them out of the elements. It ultimately creates the best possible environment for the horses, adding to their joy and fulfillment at Haven Acres.

We are grateful to the Minnesota Horse Council for supporting Haven Acres!