New Additions!!

Meet Maximus, Zacchaeus, and Cody!

Maximus and Zacchaeus were both donated to us from Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch! Maximus is a Percheron gelding who has a bad injury to his leg in the fall but he’s making a great recovery and we’re so excited to have our first draft! Zacchaeus is a mini mule (or our wee little mule) who was completely wild in the fall and has now gotten to the point where he’s a little halter broke. We’re excited to have him and work with him so that he can get loved on by some adoring kids!

And then we have Cody! Jenifer’s mom sponsored Cowboy for the last several years, and she wanted to make sure that we continue to have a Paint at Haven Acres. So in honor of Cowboy, the Garrets purchased Cody for our program. He is rather nervous right now, but we are hoping that he settles in and loves his new job. Please pray for him as he is somewhat sore right now and is in serious need of some hoof care. We’re hoping that it is not a long-term problem.

So grateful for some special blessings this year after some really hard days this winter!