Flannel Gala Thank You!

We had a great night at our Flannel Gala this year! Our theme was “Pouring into the Next Generation” (hence the centerpieces!). For the first time ever we played Family Feud which was super fun — as seen in the pictures of people laughing on stage. We also had people share amazing testimonials about how Haven Acres has impacted them or their child, our founders Jenifer and Jason Heath shared their heart for Haven Acres and some stories from the years, and more. God has blessed us so abundantly over the years through all of our supporters and through the lives He has changed out here!
About $15,000 was generously donated that night! The proceeds will allow us to continue to offer Christ-centered sessions free-of-charge and take care of our amazing special needs horses.
Thank you so much to all of those who came, donated, and volunteered. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we are so grateful!
If you would like to watch either of the testimonial videos we premiered at the Gala, you can view them on our YouTube channel. One is about our Deaf and hard-of-hearing program and one is about a student in our regular program. They are well worth your while!
Picture by Brittany at Juniper Digital Media. Thank you!